Summer vacation is winding down; oh no. I. Am. So. Sad. I don’t really know how to write sarcasm, but that was it folks because I can’t wait until August 27th when both Bug and Diva will be in school full time. Don’t get me wrong. I have loved this summer off from therapists and appointments. It has allowed us to be free with our plans and let me enjoyed our children at their finest moments (and their unfinest).

Of course that meant I have a army of stories to share. My spawn never disappoint. We cried, yelled, smiled and laughed. This summer has taught us many new lessons as a family and opened up opportunities for our children they have never had before.

First up, pets. Real pets. Not no swimming guppies in a tank. We are talking real furry pets that require care and responsible owners. Err… I haven’t met those people yet, however, after a month I can safely say our pets are still alive and the kids aren’t asking to take them back.

And now for a story for your enjoyment.

At this point in their little furry cute lives, both Dog and Cat are not fixed. Don’t worry folks that will be fixed next week (no pun intended). However, Mother Nature likes to remind us all she is still in charge. Let me also quickly refer you back Manhood and Bugs adverse reaction to blood.

When I saw drops of blood in Cats bed after returning home from shopping, I got worried. The amount did not scare me. What scared me was Bug and Diva noticing and me have one bleeding dog and two hysterical children. I quickly picked up her bed and rushed Cat outside away from the children so I could inspect her. I guessed while we were out Catdog got a little too rowdy playing. However, I couldn’t find the source of the bleed. I let Catdog back in the house and immediately saw droplets of blood on the floor.

I needed to call the vet anyways regarding next weekend appointment. While confirming the appointment I mentioned how our poor baby was bleeding and I couldn’t find where from. And then it hit me. Ewwwww. Yea, eww. Do I need to go into more detail? Ok, fine.

I explained to the vet tech that our dog was bleeding from her, um, ya know- special area. The person on the other line just laughed, “you never have a dog in heat?!”. Well no dear. If I had I wouldn’t have just made a fool of myself telling you my dog was on her period. But now explain that to our five and six year old. Yup, I decided it was time for bed. I think that explanation can be saved for another time and place; one where daddy is home to do it



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