A long time ago my husband went to bake me a cake. He called me asking if he add to use eggs. Eggs? Yes. I explained to him how eggs are in most of what he eats from bread to cookies. Reluctantly added eggs into the cake mix.

The next year the same question- “do I have to use eggs?” Surprisingly this year he had a different answer. Being the sweet amazing man he is; he broke down and called my friend. She was great and helpful and gave him a cake recipe that didn’t include eggs. So follows is the recipe he used every year to make cakes. Read slowly or you’ll miss it!

Soda Cake
1 box cake mix
1 can soda

Tada! No, really, I’m not kidding. You can basically mix any cake and any flavor soda. The rule we normally follow is match the color. So strawberry cake he uses Code Red Mountain Dew. Chocolate cake gets Dr. Pepper or Coke. White cake gets Spite. But the combination is up to you.

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