I saw stars and not the pretty kind outside under a summer sky. 

Oh, gawd! You will not believe what happened to me the other night. No one is ever prepared to be hit by a giant “S” in bed at 1130 at night. But, that happens when you ride the hot mess express. 

Let me back up a few weeks. After five years of not decorating our master bedroom in our rental home, I finally thought a few months before we are “suppose” to move was a great time to start. 

I changed the main color and added a few things to the master bath. The last thing I did was to hand all the letter “S”‘s I had been collecting over the past 5 years. One day I would find enough energy to hang them all up. I finally did and it look amazing. Not necessarily Better Homes and Gardens worthy, but good.

But then strange things began to happen.

Our master bed room is located on the main floor, feet from the front door. No matter what, you can not ignore our bedroom. Most times I try to keep the door closed, as I have a bad habit of not folding my clean clothes. Therefore, I just have multiple laundry baskets lined up. I go at them like a claw machine just picking up and putting on whatever I can find in the mornings.

I ran my wardrobe this way until I realized something. When I was shutting my door to hide my mess from visitors, I was accidentally locking a random cat in my room. Inevitably it would need to use the bathroom and found my clean laundry as the perfect releasing point. So instead of adulting and putting my clothes away in drawers and on hangers, I just leave my bedroom door open for the entire world to see my mess….and my beautiful letter wall.

However, after a week or so I started noticing my letters were going crooked. At first I thought when the front door closed it rattled the wall. Therefore, rattling the letters a little off their hooks and nails. I jumped on my bed and fixed the letters; again and again. It was starting to get annoying. Like really annoying. Because my laundry machine isn’t an eye sore; but those letters are sure going to give people the impression I keep an untidy house. Priorities right? I’m a smat girl, so I started thinking of other ways my letters could go wonky.

And then it happened….

About two weeks after I got all the letters the way I wanted them; poof, one was gone. Like vanished out of thin air. I mean where in the world can a 8 inch wood letter walk off too? I was at a complete loss. 

So here I was showing my crazy to the world when they walked in my door and thinking I’m going crazy losing a letter off the wall. It’s been several long months since my husband left and I thought maybe this was my mind telling me it just couldn’t handle anymore. But whatever. I don’t have time to lose my mind or a freakin’ letter. 

I headed to bed again this past weekend. I prayed to actually sleep knowing that mostly likely won’t happen between Chicken Middle sleeping in my bed and my insomnia. Around 1130, I took off my glasses and started to relax. I  thought about how cute it is that Chicken Middle still wants to snuggle with me at night and maybe I am doing this mom thing right when the headboard started to shake.

A ghost? Dementors? I turned the flash on my camera because I instantly had a good idea of what was really going on when I wasn’t around and snapped a picture of the offender when BAM! I literally saw stars.

Really pretty white, almost light blue, stars I see before my eyes.

I hear no cries from Chicken Middle and not many other noises to indicate what I just got hit in the head with. However, I knew the house alarm was set so it had to come from inside the house (no? any horror movie fans out there?)

I’m rubbing my head and fumbling for my camera hoping whatever just impaled my head, didn’t hit Chicken Middle. I felt no wetness on my head to signified blood. I wasn’t going to need stitches, however, an ice pack from the freezer was in much demand.

Grabbing the letter, I threw it on the floor next to my bed as I walked about the room into the kitchen. I didn’t care what apparition I caught on my camera because I already knew.

Meet the offender. 


He is a little blurry in the photos, but that was because he was trying to reverse himself off the ledge of my headboard arms length away. If I had got a hold of him, he would have been tossed on the floor just like the freakin’ METAL letter that hit me on my head.

Yea, so. Cats. I don’t even know what to say. 

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