I did a thing last night before bed for my kids when the mom guilt hit. I wasn’t planning on doing or getting anything for the kids (well maybe ordering a heart shaped pizza) but then I started feeling crappy that I wouldn’t be getting anything either and realized I didn’t want my kids feeling the same way.

One thing I wish I did better was tell them all the things I feel make them special. Parenting 3 by myself right now, I am quick to judge and point out what they have done wrong. So I try to take moments to tell them how amazing they are.

So I grabbed a few different colors of sticky note pads, sat down at the kitchen table and started to write.

I thought of the things that make each of my kids great. Some are the same (they all have contagious laughter) but many are different.

After about 20 minutes. I was done and I felt a lot better about myself and knew the kids would actually be stoked to see what was waiting for them. It was free to do and more importantly, made everyone feel like a winner.

Don’t worry if you feel like it us too late. Take a moment and do it before they get home from school or when they are busy in the other room.

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