Let’s not mention the elephant in the room….my absence.

So let’s talk about something else. I’ve got a great quick tip to help transfer your printed or carving design on paper to the actual pumpkin.

Have a idea of a design you have in your head before you get your pumpkin. This way you’ll be able to guarantee your design will be porportionate with the size of the pumpkin. Or you can do what we did; which was not do that and I had to resize the free design we found online. No biggie. Took a few extra minutes.

Next, I grabbed some cling wrap and traced our design onto the non-stick side. Is there a technical term for that? Don’t know, don’t care. Finally we grabbed our design on cling paper and clinged it to the pumpkin. For a little extra support we tapped it to the pumpkin. And bam! Pumpkin carved by our Papa.

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