We had a great morning Sunday after church and decided on pizza for lunch. We knew the kids wouldn’t argue and it would not be a losing battle at meal time. But what I battle every time we step into a bathroom is the symphony of yelps, barks, screams and chicken noises that come from my kids. They seem to think restrooms, and more importantly, public restrooms are their own personal opera house. We walk in, they bark, yelp and make chicken noises and I just stand there roll my eyes and wait until the circus has left.

It never fails. I have been trying to find a rhyme and reason behind this occurrence. But I’m coming up empty handed. All I know is it happens in bathrooms and on occasion rooms with high ceilings. My guess as to why- the echo they hear. But knowing they have noise sensitivity issues; why do they choose to make loud and unusual nosies? They can’t stand restaurants with large crowds; it makes them loud and “excited”. They can’t watch fireworks without going into the fetal position and covering their ears. So why are they attracted to bathrooms?

Is it along the lines of why as adults we like to sing in the bathroom? I don’t know. But I’m looking for a answer. Any answer. And google cant come up with one either. So I guess until they stop or google does its job I will accept the constant chicken noises, barks and yelps every time we walk in to a bathroom.

As a mom its hard to see your children not act themselves especially when it is not in the comfort and safe zone of their homes. Luckily, I have never been one to put weight into the stares and silent whispers of strangers.

ADVICE– Please don’t stare, comment or give disapproving looks. Until medical advancements make it possible to read into the ASD mind and how it processes the five senses we will not understand the why. We just need to accept they do it.

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  1. There is something to be said about the echoing in a bathroom. Sounds like they are having fun to me…

    Sometime, when I know my office is empty…know for sure, I would like to sing. It would echo back.

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