I love personal jewelry. It is unique, private, and one of a kind. In high school I had a traditional charm bracelet I wore every day. Friends and family all gave me charms that represented me, a memory or event. I love having that piece to look back on. I even have it displayed in a shadow box with a high school photo of Hubs and I. During my college years Hubs got me a updated charm bracelet. The Italian charm bracelet like, Zoppini represent my college years. Finally we move on to my adult years. Pandora was a huge hit about a year ago and now is trailing off. But I jumped on the band wagon and still love it. My kids love looking at it and reminding me which ones they gave me.

However, there is a new kid in the group. Origami Owl offers a product that is beautiful. I do have to write this with reservation. The company is experiencing growing pains. They have grown by 500% in only a few months. And due to this influx of customers their customer service has hit rock bottom. I advise waiting a few months to order. Hopefully by then they will have found their footing and be able to stand on two feet again.

Glad you read my warning. Now I can get to the good stuff. And that’s their product. It is a charm locket. Charms are suspended in a two sides clear locket. Metals include gold, rose gold, silver, chocolate and black. There are 4 sizes – large, medium, small and mini. There are numerous charms including Autism Awareness, support ribbons and Greek letters. I don’t care for their narrow selection of chains and have emailed them several times for more options for rose gold. So when I finally added more to my necklace I changed over to silver until Origami Owl adds more chain options to their line.

They also have dangles and tags and several other options, to the point I can’t list them all.

Overall the product is great and I did have a quality issue with the first chain I received a year ago, which was shortly replaced at no cost.

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