Oh, mommies, tomorrow I have a fight to win.

I will be positive and optimistic.

I will win.

It is a fight most of us have to battle monthly or even weekly. It’s an IEP meeting. Ugh, just the mention of an IEP meeting sends my blood pressure up and me full force into battle plan mode. This meeting tomorrow I know will be a vicious one.

My son’s school occupational therapist wants to pull his OT from his IEP. You want to know what is funny? She is only on his IEP as consultation only; which means she is only called in to help when there is a problem. So why does she feel she needs to remove herself from it?

My guess is it is mainly due to just removing him from her case load. She is the only OT at the school and the school refuses to let private therapy onto school grounds. Furthermore, she had an issue when he got OT added to his IEP. At the last IEP meeting said she wanted to make a verbal deal with us in regards to his care. Wait, what?! You want me to believe you will help us if there is an issue because you tell me vs. having it in writing? Yea, that’s funny and I’m not stupid.

Her problem is she feels he no longer needs OT because of the wonderful progress he has made. Um, yea…it’s called repeating kindergarten. Of course he has had no behavioral issues. What type of environment does a kid with ASD do best? One that he has already experienced and knows the set routine.

What worries me and why I will fight to keep his OT on his IEP is because 1) next year when he enters first grade it will be a new environment with a new routine, and we all know how unproblematic that is going to be and 2) if/when we move, he will once again encounter an new environment and new routine. What did I just repeat myself?

Either possibility will create upheaval and newness for him that will impact his behavior which has already proven to impact his education (hence why he had to repeat kindergarten!!!!).

When will educators stop worrying about paperwork and start worrying about the student?

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  1. I am so sorry you are having trouble with the occupational therapist! That said, it is always best for every team member (teachers, parents, therapists, etc.) to go into all IEP meetings with the belief & understanding that they are all on the same team – the child’s team. I’ve been a part of several multi-disciplinary teams and I assure you that most educators worry much, much more about students than paperwork. That’s why it is not uncommon for teachers to work 10-15+ hours more per week than they are paid for. “I don’t teach subjects…I teach students.” <3

    And, by the way, I sincerely applaud you for being your child's greatest advocate!!

    1. The issue is we have been fighting with this same OT for three years. She hates us. This isn’t the first time she has tried this. Last time we fought, and won, then ended up doubling his OT bc he had some major set backs with thing and ended up repeating kinder. I wish I could say I agree with you, but in this state it’s not the same. The teachers and therapists are stretched to the max, which I get, but they get burnt out and lose interest and then have no other option but to stay at a job they hate. I just wish you were right. But it’s hard watching my kids fall through the cracks due to the educational system here.

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