writing this at 1 on a school night I admit, I’m fighting off cold medication and a ambient. 

Four years ago, I feel it was the prime of my life. Living in Hawaii, sun everyday, outside activities, and a job full of people who were are family. Every holiday and celebration we were together. Every new baby brought food to families and every goodbye brought family get togethers. 

What that’s a gone now. Now at 1 am I am on Pinterest searching for bible verses to read and remind myself my families future is not solely our own. 

More depressing news came down the grape vine at work today. It leads us to the realize out time in the Army is probably up. Which is crazy to think four years ago up until now, we knew we would be military lifers. And we were happy with it. It was a lucid plan, but a plan. And just like that, after a 45 minute brief, we have no plan. Goes to show you how life can change and how plans have to be replanted and dreams have to be reimagined. 

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