If you don’t know,  I “recently”, as of July, moved to Fort Bragg,  North Carolina. Previously, we lived in Hawaii stationed at Schofield Barracks Army Base for four years. It was four years of ideaic summer weather. No one in our family owned a pair of closed toes shoes besides hiking boots (it’s not just beaches people!). It was an amazing life experience for us all. We grew into who we are and grew as a family. Hawaii brought me closer to God and my husband. However, today I finally realized I don’t live there anymore.

Being a Army family we tend to move a lot. We have to learn to accept change, be flexible and be open to new things. Today we had to be open to one of our newest experiences… seasons.

Who ever said North Carolina doesn’t get cold is cray cray. It might also be because we only are used to four years of sunny 82 degree days.  So at a balmy and windy 53, my toes where numb standing in a open field on a trip to the pumpkin patch. A friend commented how she thought about wearing her tobagan and regretted not bringing it. I laughed because I instantly pictured her hauling this sled on a hay ride. So I had to ask what she was talking about because I knew it wasn’t in reference to a winter sport. She informed me it was a hat. A hat? Yea,  this is me still looking confused.

I started thinking about all the things that are new, again, to me. I was surprised as the list started growing. So I figured why not share it. The list might come in handy for those moving to Fort Bragg.

So in no order of importance, I present to you my list of southern living observations:

1. Is that trash littered on the road sides? No, that’s COTTON that was just picked and flew off in a breeze.
2. Again, is that trash blowing across the road? No, that would be fall LEAVES gracefully rolling down the road.

3. Do they know any color combinations besides HOT PINK AND LIME GREEN? Don’t get me wrong (love em) but seriously there are more colors in the rainbow.

4. Did they forget how to spell their name? Everything is MONOGRAMED (which has now made me jealous and I must get a monogramed something).

5. What are those strange things growing up from the ground? TREES; lots of trees. Trees that contain millions of different types of leaves.

6. When is good TV on? I need a new bedtime. GOOD TV starts at 9; which is my bed time.

7. There is no other description besides it’s name- boiled peanuts. Yuck.

8. Why all this open farmland? This is one of my most favorite new things I have noticed-ACRES AND ACRES OF FARMLAND actually in use because it is still productive. Big business hasn’t taken over and generations of families continue to still farm the same land.

9. POKA DOTS AND CHEVERONS. They are everywhere; cars,  home decor,  clothes, and more. And most are accompanied by some fab monograms.

10. SLANG. In Hawaii,  everyone is Bra. In North Carolina, everyone is Hun. I’d rather be called Hun than an item of clothing.

So no matter where you are stationed, remember to look all around you and find the “new” to experience again.

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