There is so much yelling in this house. Everyone yells. They yell when they are happy,  sad and every emotion in between. It’s constant. It’s a migraine starter. So yesterday after a noise level of 10 going on 40 minutes due to Hubs day off work compiled by children off their normal schedule, I had to find a quick way to save my brain from exploding. Did I mention that I was peacefully working on a project in the guest room when they all followed me in? Well,  they did. Then Hubs attacked their feet with tickle precision and I think pictures were rattled off the wall.

I jumped out of my chair and flung the hallway door open and grabbed my answer. The only real question was Mickey Mouse or superheros. I went with the mouse. So enjoy me,  Mickey and noise free relieve from the children’s pair of noise canceling headphones.


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