Seeking Life Beyond The Carpool Line With a Glue Gun In One Hand and Coffee In the Other

No School Tomorrow. Please Send Wine.

When I was a kid I walked up hill in the snow both ways with no shoes on and socks on my hands for gloves…..

Well, maybe not that drastic. But these kids today are so soft. After a two hour delay that turned into a day off from school and a day off of work for hubs. We decided to bundle our little minions up and take em’ out to see what “winter” was like. First, let me remind you I am talking about winter in North Carolina, second there was a inch of snow and .25 inches of ice and lastly their exuberance over said “winter weather” was the cutest thing ever!*


* that statement about being the “cutest thing ever” was written only minutes before I broke the sad news to my children school for tomorrow was cancelled as well. See what I did there? Sarcasm. Why. Because I ran out of wine at 1030 this morning.


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