I recently read that on Saturday May 18 the new DSM-5 (Autism diagnosing criteria) will be published. It will include two new changes to the criteria to diagnosis Autism. This could mean major change for you and your children. They say it should not effect anyone, however, each government and provider can choose to re-diagnosis.

I have already seen this happen. My son was diagnosed a few years ago and we went through a lot to get him a IEP. It was a ridiculous fight with the school that lead me to threaten legal action. After my daughter was diagnosed, we went through the same IEP process at the same school. She has the same issues and then a few different ones than my son and we assumed there would not be as hard of a issue to obtain a IEP because her brother paved the way for her. HOWEVER, even though she did have a diagnosis and meet the qualifications, they used the new guidelines that are not even in effect yet to determine she did NOT fit the criteria for a active IEP. When in reality, had they used the current guidelines, she WOULD have qualified for a IEP. We tried a second time for a IEP for Diva, and again she was denied. After the year I had, I gave…I cant even say that. I will never stop trying to obtain the services my children need and deserve. I plan on fighting for a IEP for Diva again this summer in hopes we can finally obtain one.

I highly suggest you read over the new guidelines when they are avaiable to make sure nothing will effect your child.

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