So Lets face it… my husband and I dvr’ed the Superbowl for one reason- the commercials. As a communications major and working in the PR field, I love seeing the creativity that comes with the battle of the bowl. The real competition isn’t between the two teams; it is between the as spots throughout the game.

After the kids were all snuggled in bed, we broke out the grilled chicken wings, home-made crab ragoon, meatballs, and chili and filled our plates because we didn’t want to have to get up. We pressed play on the remote and we were off; and we were highly disappointed and in the end we were mad. Why?

Well normally you get funny and heartwarming commercials featuring puppies Clydesdale’s. Instead we were replying one commercial over and over again trying to make sure we were understanding what was really going on. Watch before I go any further.

I am sure everyone has seen the commercial or at least heard of it. A lot of people are talking about how dark and grim the commercial is. Nationwide talks about how a child’s life is cut short due to a accident that could have been prevented. If you visit their site they have entire page dedicated to a “Make Safe Happen” campaign. However, what the commercial promotes itself as is a insurance commercial. And what does an insurance company due when you file a claim? They normally replace and fix the aftermath of the accident.

What outraged Hubs and I was the fact that this insurance company is talking about a child dying from a accident. Last I checked, no one can bring the dead back. So they are claiming they are going to replace your kid?

Nationwide: Sorry you lost your kid. Here is a replacement.
Me: Is it a year newer model? I really don’t want to have to go through the terrible two’s again.
Nationwide: Yes, it is a year newer model. With all the new features including 3 going on 13, attitude and new and improved stubbornness.
Me: I am so glad I bought Nationwide Insurance on my old child.

Yea. Don’t think that is really going to happen. But what evs. It is just my opinion that they did a horrible job promoting their message of accidents that kill your kid can be prevented. I suggest they issue a explanation of the commercial, not air it again and replace it with one that talks about their “Make Safe Happen” campaign.


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