Let’s get back to the basics. I feel a lot of parents are ignoring the basics of parenting today in order to be a modern/hip parent; even a friend of their child. Today I see too many rude, inconsiderate, and basically uneducated children because their parents are being more soft-handed than the previous generation and are afraid. They are afraid of not being a friend in their child’s lives. Too many parents are coveting that open relationship a friend has, rather than coveting the accountable relationships parents have.

From experience I have seen a parent afraid to discipline a child in fear they will lose the love and relationship their child gives them. However, even with an loving and authoritative relationship; a child still shows love and respect.

I think children even thrive more on strong dominate relationships where parents play the leadership role. Children are lost in this world and God put us here to lead, education and show them how to love. If we stand next to them, instead of in front of them, children are just lost souls.

So why did I write this? Maybe it is because I felt a need to remind my own self my parenting style. My children are growing up, and more and more I am having to parent them; instead of being their princess in a tea party. My parenting style is being tested on a daily basis and I need to make sure I am comfortable in my own ways before I teach them to my children.

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