When discovering we were blessed with a third pregnancy my mind started spitting out lists of all the things we needed to buy, sell, move, prepare and more. One of the things that was most important on my list was a new stroller and new baby carrier. Since Hubs wouldn’t be present for the birth or much of the new baby’s first year, I needed baby gear that would let me handle three small kids at once and alone .

We had a amazing stroller that I loved. Made by Phil and Teds; our Dash stroller allowed for it to be used as either a double or single. It was the fore-runner to the new Britax strollers. However, it wouldn’t let me do all the things I wanted to do. So I struck out and researched a stroller that would.

What was that one thing I required in a stroller? It needed to be a beach bum. Due to the structure of sand in order to push a stroller over it with ease the stroller needed large tires. And our current Phil and Teds Dash was not up to the task. The Dash with its small wheels would just sink into the sand and get stuck. Leaving me and three kids unhappy at the beach. I needed this stroller to not only carry a infant (in a infant seat at times) but also 100 pounds of crap we need for three kids at the beach. And since I was going alone with those same three kids I needed a extra hand. So whatever new stroller I bought would be that extra hand I needed. It would be a pack mule, a extra hand for my kids to hold, a cooler, a timeout chair, a bed for naps and more.

After much research I found that the B•O•B Sport Utility was the perfect fit. I really wanted to keep a double but after researching and talking to people who own a double B•O•B they said it wasn’t the greatest fit for a everyday stroller. Due to its width, it would barely if even, for through a standard door and completely take up an entire isle at a store. I already recall tight fights with a normal stroller and since I was wise enough to move past stroller system obsession.

With the B•O•B I was able to create my own stroller system. I bought the car seat adapted that fit our car seat and off I went. Now we have the snack tray and weather cover. Living where we do we spend a lot of time out doors and I didn’t want a little rain to stop us from our adventures. The attachments go on so easy our 5 year old can do it. There are two red buttons on either side of the attachment anchors on the stroller. You just press those in the release the attachment and add a new or in or leave it off.

The weight is a little much to get over. It weighs about 20 pounds, as much as our old Phil and Teds stroller. It folds in half easily. You depress two clips on either side of the handle bar and push the top half over. You will see a ted handle you pull, which will collapse the stroller to the ground. There is a belt that you lock and then it is locked in place for pick up. Never pick up the stroller by the handle. It can break or twist and then you will have a issue. When we travel on the plane with it weeks to wrap bubble wrap around the foam handle to prevent it from getting ripped and will attach a piece of tape on the red handle that reads “don’t use to carry”.

I know when I was doing research it was hard to find real user reviews. So I hope this helps some!

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