I try and keep a clean home. I have three kids. These two statements are ones I say to myself on a daily basis; trying to justify one with the other. Rarely do I ever prove my own point. So I try to find products that help with at least one of those statements. So recently after my beloved Bissel stick vac died from eating to much of my hair, Hubs finally told me we needed to replace it with one of quality. But my stick vac was only $40 and it worked great. Except for that burning motor on fire incident. Anyways, off to the store we went. Hubs loves our Dyson (10 years and going strong!) and was eager to buy some Dyson stick vac. Now, I love having nice things, but $400 for a stick vac is a little excessive. Well a lot excessive. So I picked up the same thing I had and Hubs refused to buy it. I think his argument was valid. He didn’t want to keep buying $40 vacuums every six months when we can buy a nicer quality to last a few years at a higher price. So we compromised and bought a Electolux stick vacuum. This one in particular was appealing to Hubs because its advertised with a one button brush cleaner. With a one button push, it will cut the hair off the roller. And since Hubs has to take the bottom off the Dyson, remove the roller and parts to cut my hair off; this one little button got him hooked; and this one little button cost us a extra $30. However, besides the $30 add-on button I still had high hopes. I see this brand advertised all the time and Kelly Rippa looks so amazing cooking and cleaning with her slender body and amazing good looking hair. I know it wont turn me into Kelly Rippa, but I at least thought cleaning would be just as effortless as she shows it to be.

I needed this vacuum to preform a few tasks for me. I have my wonderful first generation 20 pound Dyson, but I hate pulling that monster out for quick clean up. And I have several quick clean ups a day. I ran my stick vac a limited six times a day. Remember I have three small children, one is a crawler and one has some serious medical issues that keep me on my toes with sanitizing my home at a rapid pace. My awesome, but now dead, Bissel kept a battery charge of 30 minutes, had a simple clear basket so you can see how full it was and easy to remove, it stood upright without assistance if you needed to leave for a second and come back and effortlessly went on my hardwoods and carpet. I expected the same from our now ultra fancy Electrolux. Like I do before most pricey purchases, I research the product. I read reviews where the only complaint was that it did not hold a charge long, but was great for quick clean up. It also said it was great on carpet and hard woods and was ultra light. All things I was looking for. And all things that it fails to do…at least for me.

The battery life is 15 minutes. Yes, you read that right; my $40 Bissel holds a longer battery life than my over-priced Electrolux. Ok, fine. And if your a woman reading this, you know that is not good. Fine, is not a good word; and this product is fine. <enter annoyed voice here> This stick vac is lacking some major amenities Let’s say, oh… a batter life (15 minutes at max), does not go on carpets (you can sweep straight but as you pull it back the head lifts up and gets stuck), it does not stand up alone (so if you lean in on a counter on hard woods it slides crashing to the floor). And as for that amazing “wonder button”? We haven’t even used it yet because I am so annoyed with this product I try not to use it.

So save your money and go with a different product. Of course I kept the receipt but Hubs is still so certain that “wonder button” will work; he refuses to let me return it.


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