After I had my first spawn and was out of work for maternity leave, I started writing down all the things I had become. I originally planned to go back to work after my leave was up, but life plans changed and we ended moving several states away. As women, we are naturally programmed to feel unsecured when it comes to finances. At least for me, money is the highest on my list for brining about small panics attacks at bill time. So when I found out maternity leave was paid- panic attacks stopped; for a while anyways. But it gave me time to think about all the new jobs I was starting. Chef, banker, taxi driver, tax accountant, nanny, butler, maid, and the list can keep going. I thought I’d be rich if I was actually paid for those jobs that are now collectively called being a parent. And then I thought how awesome it would be for my own personal knowledge to know a salary. Since I wasn’t working I felt less of a adult and less of a contributing member of our family. So to give myself a much needed pat on my back, I researched what my salary would be as all those things. And wouldn’t you know; apparently I’m not the only one needing some self satisfaction. Below is a¬†generalization¬†for most moms.

So here you go- a calculator to figure out what you would make if you actually got paid for all the jobs you do as a parent.

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