A small reminder moms-

Mondays can suck. But your not alone in feeling that way.

Your also not alone when you forget things, or mess appointment times up between 3 kids, or realize as your walking out the door you forgot to sign a permission slip.

Or in my case today- I forgot to take 2/3 of my kids to school. Yup. I did.

2/3 of my kids go to one school and the youngest to another down the road further. I ended up driving right past the first drop off. Just cruised along. Totally spaced out until one kid spoke up. He asked where we we’re headed and I honestly told him I didn’t know. Yup. I had no idea what I was doing.

However, all kids got to school and it’s literally the last Monday of the school year; so I’m giving myself a pass.

Just know we all screw up at times and it’s all ok. Because we all do it!

2 Replies to “Monday: When Even Your Monday Needs A Monday”

  1. This is great…great to know I’m not the only momma who’s zipped right by, lol. I love that you keep it real!

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