Listening to the baby monitor click and fizzle, yet silent. Watching Antiques Roadshow and hand embroidering some burp cloths. That is what is consisting of my Monday night. It’s peaceful and relaxing. A complete 180 from Saturday night when we did the “big move”.

That night there were tears and sobs and my husband forcing me to watch a chick flick (his answer to calm me). Saturday night was the night, that not only did we move the baby from crib to big girl bed; we moved her from her own room to share a room with her sister.

Some might think that’s backwards. They may believe that you start sharing your room with your sibling, then graduate to your own room. So now we have a spare room. Which is awesome! And I want to move my craft room from the closet to it; but what’s the purpose? It is all going to be packed into boxes in the next week or so.

Which brings me to why we did it. Why did we force our youngest into the private life of Diva? Necessity. Upon moving back to the mainland, we will be living with family. In that situation all three will be sharing a room; possibly even a bed. We won’t have a crib or pack and play. SB, I’m not wanting to admit, is growing up. She will eventually be in a twin bed. So we are taking this time to get her and Diva accustomed to sharing a room.

Do I like it? No. Like I said I sobbed. It was horrible.

Three days later am I better? No, I’m drowning my sobs in a beer. Maybe in a few years I’ll finally get over the fact my children are growing up.

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