Wow, I feel like I haven’t had this day in awhile or I just haven’t had any good stories. And then I remember that I was just so busy cleaning up after those great stories that I didn’t have time to write them down.

I’ve been pondering what to write today for a few days now. Do I want to share those great funny mommy stories or do I want to share my goals for myself I planned this year (using you all as a accountability tool). I decided on both; they seem to go hand in hand.

First up- my mommy story; this one is from last night.

SB is going through some things; terrible twos, teething, personality changes (and getting one) and more. She is super finicky with eating and she is our resident foodie. Normally, it is no issue figure out what to feed her. We like to use her as the garbage disposal and empty all the little bits and pieces of lefts over’s on her tray. But for the past month or so, she has been overly picky and most days refuses to eat. We have been feeding her from her list of favorites to make sure she at least eats something that day. Last night Hubs decided to feed her rice.

SB was born in Hawaii. She loves rice, bare feet and the water. Rice is what we order for her at every restaurant; we know no matter what she will eat it. With her being so picky on food lately, and Hubs in charge of the kids dinner he thought it was a safe choice. He popped in a bag of microwavable rice and when it was heated put it in a bowl. The next 10 minutes are still a mystery to us. I was helping Bug with homework and Hubs was (?). So when we got back to SB “eating” her dinner it looked more like a murder scene with little rice body parts littering the room.

My eyes were bulging.  SB had not only dumped her bowl of rice on the tray and floor but was like swimming in it. Rice was flying, hands where flailing and I was fuming. I call Hubs in to help clean up the disaster that is now our child. I ask him why I left her unsupervised with a bowl of rice. His reasoning: He put a bib on her. Ehh? How is a bib supposed to stop rice from flooding our dining room? He kept saying “but a bib, I used a bib!” I.am.confused. A bib? A bib is for messy foods like yogurt and applesauce; not rice. So there I was picking up grain after grain of rice with Hubs in the kitchen for time out.

I have a lot of these stories. If you don’t believe me, just page through the blog a bit and you will run across them. I share them with friends and family and we all get a great release of stress from them. Why? Because it is easier to laugh at others messes. I also like sharing them to show that even with the cards that God has dealt our little family of children with special needs, He has also given us some amazing personalities to go with them. How would we deal with our circumstances if we were high strung, not forgiving or lacked humor? Not too sure because I don’t want to think about it, but I know it wouldn’t be with the love and understand that we currently do. So as a goal for myself I want to write a book. I know I have mentioned it once or twice on here before, but know I am proclaiming it. My goal is different than a resolution. A resolution you make once a year. With my life I know it will take me longer to accomplish this. I guess that is something I learned with age. Resolutions are worthless sometimes. Setting unrealistic time frames on a dream will be something that will rarely be achieved. So bare with me while I start walking this path. Maybe one day you’ll see my name on the best seller list and can go “I knew her! Well sorta.”

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