Spring has sprung. Like, an actual season, eeek!!! This mom was not prepared. Epic mommy fail. Fail I did. It is no longer 82 degrees everyday with trade winds, blue skies and palm trees. The smell of the salty sea air is replaced by… allergies. SB has developed eczema on her cheeks and has been on a steady dose of allergy medication. I thought it was actually snowing today and then realized it was the pollen.

We woke up today to 50 degree weather and I freaked when I realized all I packed for SB was spaghetti strap tanks. Luckily, I also packed light weight jackets and threw Divas shirt on her and she was good to go. Good news is starting tomorrow we should have 80 degree weather.

It is so different to be so close to family. So unique and memory making experience. Today we picked up car from the port and the kids aunt came over and did a project with them.


After four years, it’s just this indescribable feeling. I’m sure we are just in the honeymoon phase and eventually we will experience family drama; but who doesn’t? But loves knows no boundaries.

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