ImageSo last night we saw that we had some winter weather coming our way.  But, we figured, hey, it’s March.  It’s almost Springtime.  Plus, we’ve already had more than 6 days off of school so far this year because of weather.  My kids even had to go on President’s Day to make up some of the time they’ve lost.  My husband and I were watching House of Cards with the fire blazing last night sure there was no way we’d have a weather day today, too.  But then we got the call from the school cancelling classes Monday.  Then my husband realized he had the day off too, that they were only requiring mission-essential personnel to report to post.  Instead of me being stuck inside all day with two hyper kids, we were all going to be getting a bonus weekend day.  And I’m seizing it.  The weather will be changing soon, and I’m pretty sure when I’m stressed out needing a break in May there isn’t going to be a “snow day.”  Have a great week!

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