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Two little kiddos to be exact.  That said, our house is never boring, usually not quiet, but always full of love.  I hope that’s how they feel, anyway.  Not to say I don’t ever get frustrated, raise my voice, or lose my temper.  But, I hope that at the end of the day no matter what challenges we’ve faced my little guys know that we love them unconditionally, will always be there for them, and that they can count on us.

That said, there are times that I am so frustrated I can’t even see straight.  One issue that seems to be a constant frustration for us is sleeping.  My oldest gave up naps at two, my youngest still takes them semi-regularly at three, but they both have a hard time turning in at the end of the day.  And they get up early.  I mean, E…A…R…L…Y.  Like my husband leaves for PT at 5:20 and one of them has already been up almost a half hour.  Ay, ay, ay, is all I can say. I find myself asking, why can’t they just sleep?  Why can’t they just close their eyes and rest?  My husband has said he thinks it’s an issue where they just can’t turn their brains off.  We’ve all had those nights, where our thoughts keep us awake.  But, what if it was like that more often than not?  That’s why I found this youtube clip to be particularly interesting.  It’s a teenager describing what it’s like to have autism, and one of the things she talks about is her thoughts, constantly running in her head.

Her message is awesome, and I just want to hug and thank her for sharing.  Since my little ones are not at the point where they can always articulate to me what’s going on in their minds, I found this to be very insightful.  I’ll try to keep this in mind the next time we’re playing chase-the-kids-back-into-their-room at nap or bedtime.  Hopefully, they’ll know that I’m doing it out of love.  And my desperate need for some sleep 🙂  Have a great week, everyone!

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