We all go through that stage. You know…the stage of picky eating. In one point in your child’s life you will deal with tantrums over eating broccoli or every.single.green.vegetable. As I have written before, it is a constant in our home, but not over the normal foods.

We have meltdowns over Alphabet Spaghettio’s because we cant find the “A” to start with, self-induced vomiting because the peanut butter sandwich still has crust on it and now most recently; two days without eating because the macaroni and cheese was made with the “wrong” noodle.

So what does any normal parent do? I packed it in her lunch for school. At that point she refused to eat it at lunch the day before and refused to eat any dinner (which consisted of grilled chicken, asparagus and 4 noodles). So it was packed into Tupperware and stuck in her bag. But before she trotted off to school, I wrote a lovely note to her lunch lady at school.

See, this particular child has played these food games before. And I have played the game and sent her dinner for lunch the next day. And what move did she use to win the food game? She lied to the lunch lady telling her I didn’t send her a lunch. Yea. That went over real well. So to throw a surprise move in the game I wrote “the note”. I even used my awesome calligraphy pen. Maybe making it look pretty, wouldn’t make me look like such a ugly mom.


Ha! And guess what! She “wrote” me back. I feel vindicated. And Diva now feels full. She didn’t eat lunch at school, but she had a full bowl of spaghetti for dinner.


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    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you took a few seconds to look around too. Yes, sometimes I’m afraid that people feel I’m a “mean” mom. But then people like you make me feel like a winner.

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