She’sssss backkk!

It’s hard when you have children who have a compromised pretend and imaginary minds to engage them in play. Last year, the Elf on the Shelf was a major holiday event. I had debated a few months prior whether or not to participate. Bug only thinks in black and white and has a difficult time with make believe. He is too smart for his age. I know with a lot of ASD children it is the same way. It’s not that they may not believe in the holiday magic, it’s more they just don’t have the capacity to do so. It’s confusing to them and it’s intangible to the eyes and mind. How do you believe in something you can’t see? How do you make someone believe? Well, you can’t. But all you can do it try. So I decided to try. Up until that point my kids really didn’t know who or what Santa was. Between their age and the ASD, they really hadn’t been impregnanted with the whole “holiday magic” ideals. But isn’t that what we as parents are here for- to be teachers to our children; from teaching the facts of life to the magic of dreams.

So, without further ado- here’s Holly!

Last year, Hubs was away and was not able to participate. I am so flipping excited he will be home this year to help with the shanagans. So to start out the season right- a letter from Santa deliver by Holly. The envelope is a cute little addition (printable PDF pinned on our Pinterest board) from The Fancy Yancey’s blog. The letter (also printable PDF pinned on our Pinterest account) dictates a few reminders to the kids about the rules.


I’ll post as often as I am able to her daily nuances. Check my Instagram feed for all her actions and check out our Pinterest for links to cool Elf related creative ideas.

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