We have been back on the mainland for almost a year now. Time as past by so fast, I can’t even remember last week. I think we are finally over ever obstacle that we have faced… Well almost. There is this little thing called a career and lifestyle that is hanging in the balance.  But that rant would take more than two hours of sleep and 3 cups of coffee. I haven’t had either yet. 

Nope, this post is about new beginnings and saying goodbye. Goodbye to a chapter in time we will never forget, struggled to deal with and want to get back to. Yesterday, we officially got our North Carolina license plate for our family vehicle. Our Hawaii state license plate was the last piece that tied us to those 4 years of our lives. 

Hawaii was one of those duty stations that we loved. If there was a cheaper way than $10k to get our family of 5 home more than once every two years, we would never have left. But being home since last May, we have seen family EVERY month, spent EVERY holiday and birthday with them. If Hawaii could give us that, we would go back in a heartbeat. 

So much has happened in the year we have been here. But every event that has occurred Hubs has asked himself “what if we stayed in Hawaii?”. I reminded him yesterday that we can’t ask ourselves that because we don’t have that option. We need to focus on the now. So we reflected on why we keep going back to those memories in Hawaii instead of the ones we have made here. 

Follow us in some new adventures as we open up to the next chapter in our lives; only a year late. 

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