Love Plus Talent Equals Passion For Career. Part One Self Discovery

Fueling Passion For New Career

A Plethora Of Mediocre Talents.

I’m going to brag on myself for just a second. People comment all the time on the great ability of my crafty talents. There I am. Done. Issues are once I master a craft I get bored and move on. The bigger issue is my definition of  “mastery” is not the same as Websters. While most would assume mastering something requires great skill, I feel my crafty crap isn’t that great.

After I graduated high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I did know I needed a college education and didn’t want to waste my student loan money on a degree leading me to a job I loathed. Why go into 30 years of crippling student loan debt for something you don’t love to do? I enrolled in a local community college to earn credits for a general associate’s degree (smart move by the way! cheaper and credits transfer to a four-year college). To fulfil a general education requirement, I enrolled in a communications class. The first day of the class the professor said find a career in something you love to do. Then you wont look at it as a career/job but a passion. So I sat and wrote down a list of stuff I love to do. A decade later, the “loves” I had changed. So last night I wrote a new one…

As you can see/read, most of my “loves” center around crafty and artsy crap. So it should be no surprise I obtained my degree in Bachelors in Communication (emphasis in Public Relations). It is kinda a crafty/artsy degree. Some of my past jobs include work for Blue Star Mother of America- Missouri Chapter as a spokesperson and content creator, website design, written press releases, public speaker and more. However, nothing I did really centered around my crafty crap hobbies. Redesigning myself, I’m going to focus on turning a hobby into a passion and then into a career.

On the first day in my communications class in college I realized something; one of the things I love most- talking. I like big words and I can not lie. I also love exercising my brain through my hands. Maybe it is because I have adult ADD so I can’t keep my hands or mind still.

Your’s truly wasn’t to smat in high school and I have a lot of mediocre talents; but not great at any specific one. Since this blog is all about finding myself again, I need to work on my view of my self-worth and talents. This series of posts will focus on all my mediocre talents and expanding on them. Maybe one talent will light my fire and burn as a passion into a career.

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