Let’s play a little game called Deployment.

It’s a single player strategy game. There is no time limit. It’s mentally challenging and sometimes physically demanding. The is no reward for winning. In the end all you get is the satisfaction that you survived and also kept others alive. Wanna play?


What if you didn’t have a choice? What if after one game ends another starts? What if you don’t get to call a friend, have a life line or a free answer? And yet after knowing all that, you still are forced to play.

However, what if I told you that you could call a friend. It’s your only cheat. Would that make the game more appealing? Would it make the game more tolerable?

Think about it for a moment. You’re a person who doesn’t ask for help. However, you are always the first to help out others. But in this game your alone and a moment arises that you realize you can’t accomplish the next challenge until you ask for help. What do you do?

Struggle and drown?

Or realize the only chance to survive on is to ask for a hand?

Things start to look a little brighter. You start to realize the challenges seem a little more solveable. As long as you ask for help.

It’s hard; asking for help. A lot of people see it as a sign of weakness or being incapable of handling the situation.

However, in the end the goal is to finish the game with everyone in one piece. If that means realizing you need help, strength lies in the knowledge you need help to survive. Survival shows determination, persistence, and bravery to finish the game of Deployment.

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