Laundry fail… or not?

I have a rule I follow. I would rather have a multitude abundance of clothes for my children then do laundry every day.

With three kids, multiple therapists, and Hubs uniforms, I rarely have time to pee alone than do laundry. And honestly, it’s no doing the wash its the time it talks to fold and put away. It’s just the one household/domestic godess task I loath. I am no Martha Stewart. I even taught my kids to put their own clothes away in hopes I wouldn’t have to fold and put them away.

(My theory here is why fold the laundry when after I put it away the kids dig through and unfold everything and it lands on the floor.)

So here I sit, no kids because they are all in childcare. Wasting my precious mommy alone time- folding laundry. But it’s done…for now. I have a load in the washer, another in the dyer and another in the dirty laundry basket.

So my question- is it a mommy fail to have a supply of clothes to last a month just to avoid laundry? I see it as a way to spend more time with my family.


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