I was thrilled to read this new kids joke book, Dog Jokes for Kids by Charlie the Cavalier, with my kids. When I need some down and brainless time during my days I often pick up my phone and check my favorite apps for news updates, DIY project ideas and more. Frequently, I run across videos on Facebook that gets me laughing until I can’t breath. My kids hear my cackle and run asking to see what it is. However, it is rare I can show them what I find is so funny. To many social media photos and videos are not age appropriate. Even the ones that do pass the cut are sometimes to hard for my childrenĀ to understand due to their ASD. It i s a rare treat when as a family we can sit down and find a common denominator to laugh about together.

The book was well within the suggested age range for readers. We thought it was humorous and eye opening, in regards to the relationship the dog has with food. Then seeing our own dogs frenzied chase after a treat made it even more relatable.

I realized a added bonus yesterday, about this book, after a trip to our local library. Our children are involved in a reading program through their school (AR) and I realized after rereading Dog Jokes for Kids, that it is a perfect read for our first grader. The words are simple enough for him to sound out and it allows us, the parents, to check for his reading comprehension at the end of each joke. If your child gets easily frustrated (like ours) with reading, I suggest having them read a page or a few jokes at a time then diverting their attention to another activity for a few minutes. This small break helps control their frustration and because of the topic of the book, he eagerly wanted to get back to reading.

** A added caveat about this review- two of my children are diagnosised with high functioning ASD. Some things that make my children unique is that they do not always understand jokes, humor and sarcasm. Also, due to their self induced highly restricted diet, they also are not exposed to the same foods as other children experience. Due to that some of the jokes were beyond my children’s understanding, however, 99% of the book was enjoyed.

I recommend this book to any child or adult regardless of diagnosis or delays. It is enjoyable for both reader and listener.

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  1. I look forward to Small Shaw being old enough to read together with me. I’ll bet joke books are a really good way for kids to practice reading aloud!

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