This summer including a lot of projects from unpacking the new house, setting it up, decorating it and finishing other projects I started at our last duty station. However, I scaled back my normal busy project filled summer to spend more time with family and the kids. It is nice to take a step back from reality and see through all the to-do lists, chores and projects you feel MUST get done. I admit I do this all the time. My priorities get a little mixed up at times and I am working hard at 30plus years of age to change that. I also admit I wish I could go back in time and figure this out six years ago when I became a first time parent. Nevertheless, I was always the child who wanted to grow up to fast and that hasn’t slowed down. I always plan for the future, like the way way off future; instead of living for the now or at least this week. So I guess you can say this summer has been about taking a break from life to find… life.

During the rest of the year I get caught up in doctors appointments, therapy appointments, IEP meetings, MOPS and more. I like being  busy; it is how I survive. If I sit down for too long I will never get back up and if I never get back up I will sink deeper and deeper into that deployment couch, bed or the fetal position. However, there are times when you need to put yourself on the couch, bed or chair and take a deep breath.

Start little. It doesn’t mean you have to sit there for hours watching and playing. Today I sat for an hour outside, phone inside, and watched and played with my kids. It was fun and tiring. I swear they never run out of energy. After all the swimming and jumping on the trampoline, they were far from done and wanted to go on a bike ride. Errr… this momma doesn’t ride bikes and knowing my children I would end up having to pull two home while pushing SB.

So take 10 minutes or an hour, if you think you can stand it, and enjoy life. Take a deep breath in and smell the fresh grass your neighbor is cutting (and try not to think about the weeds you need to pull in the front yard) because the summer is almost over and soon you will have plenty of projects and to-do lists to complete.


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  1. I think it’s SO VERY IMPORTANT to take a break, relax, and enjoy life. It’s something most of us aren’t doing, taking it all in.
    Kudos to you for doing so 😉

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