I had a adrenaline rush yesterday when our family started geocache hunting. I only heard about this real world treasure hunt last week. However, it has been going on since 2000 (read more about the history of geocaching here). Contrary to the title, I don’t think it is too late to pick up this hobby. I think this is one hobby that doesn’t have a expiration date.

I was skeptical at first to join on board because was I was thinking “how many could possibly be in Hawaii?” I hate getting into a project or hobby only to realize we are limited by our location. Most crafts are hard to impossible to do due to the lack of craft stores on island. I stumble upon all these awesome projects on Pinterest but the supplies are often lost on our lowly Ben Franklin crafts store. Seriously, one is basically in a bowling alley basement. It’s sad and costly to keep shipping supplies from the mainland (TIP: If moving here, stock up on whatever craft supplies you use daily. I literally fill a suitcase when up when we visit the mainland during the holidays).

So I created our account at www.geocaching.com. and typed in our zip code to see if there was anything around us. Surprisingly there was. And there was a lot.

Next I downloaded the app. I was a bit worried at first and googled cheaper options. But most everyone agreed that the $10 for the official app was the best (I must be cheap because I tried to talk myself out of it and Hubs encouraged me to buy it). But if $10 gets us weekends of fun with our kids out of the house and away from the tv, Xbox, Wii and other brain draining electronics then so be it.

The app downloaded and we were off. And amazingly we found 4 by simply doing what errands needed to be done. It was great and the kids started getting into it. At first Hubs was grumpy and just wanted to drop me off to go find one. Guess he was embarrassed to look like the creeper I was in the parking lot. But I’ve reached that age (prematurely) where I don’t care to much what people think about me as long as I feel I’m doing my best. Normally, I’ve only seen this with family members who’s age is over 70 and like to tell me I’m fat (I’m not close to it). But hey, they are family right? Gotta love em’! But seriously, I love that lady.

After a small “come to Jesus” meeting with Hubs; he changed his tune and was helping me creep on the first cache we happened to run across. And found it!


The kids weren’t too involved in the first hunt. We wanted to see what it was about and what it entailed. We didn’t want to introduce our kids to something that wasn’t worth it and have them get all excited. But after we found the first one we decided to see how the rest of the day went.

After resting we decided to head back out and finish up our errands. I decided to pull up the app and there were two AT Costco! So again they happened to fit into our plans and there was no extra traveling on our part. Seriously, I couldn’t get easier. That’s when I got hooked. Knowing finding caches could fit in with what we were already doing was awesome! And then realizing we could take a Saturday and plan an entire day out hunting them as a family I felt simple happy.

I strive hard to find things our family can do together. I have hobbies I enjoy, but I can’t do them with family. I like to read, play with photography and write. But none of those can include family participation.

I encourage you call to hop on over to the official geocaching website and see what it’s about. There are over 2 million cashes hidden worldwide.

Later on today I am planning on putting together our family geocache kit and making some trinkets with the kids to leave behind as our “we were hear” mark.

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