We are walking to school. I only got to see you for 1.5 hours yesterday. I miss you; I need you. I want to feel your warmth and hold you. I keep looking down at you wanting to pick you up in my arms. But I can’t. I’m just not that multi talented. And now I have to wait even longer to have you. I miss you…coffee. But don’t worry, we will be reunited shortly. The kids are almost at school.


10 Replies to “I’m a Bad Mommy”

    1. I know right! I was actually thinking all that about my kids. And then I looked down at my stroller and my coffee cup was just staring back at me… so sad.

  1. Oh this was hilarious. I thought, “Oh, how sweet. I feel this way about my boy all the time!” But I can definitely relate on the coffee front! Well done. Stopping by from the Sorry Not Sorry Social. #GottaHaveFriends

    1. I do like coffee. But not as much as you think. I go days without it. It’s just those days I need that one cup to wake me up. And those are the days I normally have to fight to get it and leave half of it on the counter.

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