Monday was not a good day. Nobody listened, hands were put on others to hurt and lives were in danger because of inattentiveness. All because my 10 year old didn’t take his ADHD medication.

The previous statements makes him sound like a violet pre teen. However, he is just the opposite. A strict rule follower, literal type of guy and tender-hearted. But because of one miss step; Monday was a bad day.

I had the following picture and a caption all prepared on social media. But by the time I got done writing it; it was an entire book. What started out being a simple “today was crappy. Tomorrow will be better” post; turned into me feeling like I needed to defend my choices, my parenting and mothering skills to the world (or at least anyone who read or subscribed to my feeds).

So I thought why in the hell am I defending my actions to you? You did not give birth to this kid. You did not live with him and see his actions and live with his diagnosis’s. Who are you to judge me? Because before I even hit the “share” button I could feel the eyes of modern day parenting on me.

Stop feeding him red dye #40. Cut all sugar. Allow no electronics. Feed him fish oil. Do a gluten free diet- Those are only a few “tips” I get on how to make my son better. You haven’t tried the diets and seen him starve. You haven’t attended his hundreds of hours of OT and PT to still have him stand for hours on end because he just can’t sit. We have tried it. So if you want to see my b+tch switch flip quicker than anything; go ahead and tell me more.

So I deleted the post. I didn’t want to feel judgy eyes on me or my kids. Instead, I decided to be a smart a$$ about it and write this generously long post about why you don’t need to judge other moms. Cause honey, I know you’ve got some skeletons in your closet. Or at least some GMO filled cookies your hidin’ in your pantry.

2 Replies to “I Medicate My Kid And I’m Okay With It”

  1. My daughter who has sensory processing issues and possibly is on the autism spectrum takes medication. I have heard about diets and I have heard mixed reviews. Since most children have an issue with eating certain foods and have a limited diet I didn’t quite see the efficacy to it. I am a skeptic and I don’t just believe what people tell me I look at the research. Lots of research for meds not so much for Brenda’s essential oils that are supposed to calm my child down during a meltdown. Anyways. Love this post!

    1. The whole diet thing drives me the nuts most. People don’t get that being dx with Autism includes the fact that most times there are other symptoms that go with it like sensory issues with food. They tried to put my oldest on a diet when he was two. He literally was starving when we took him into the er a week later because he wouldnt eat the foods they wanted him too. ugh. I’m so glad you found that your not alone in how you feel and enjoyed the post.

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