So guess what else cats think is similar to cat litter?


Yup, hundreds of Legos left on the floor by my kids. Awesome. But how in the world do you clean little pieces of absolute hell, brimstone and fire?

I’ve heard of people putting them in the dishwasher, washer, bathtub and more. However, I wanted a way to sterilize the cleaning area after. Cause ya know, cat pee, cat pee smell and just the unsanitaryness of it totally skeezes me out. I want to be able to bleach the hell out of the area afterwards.

So here is a great way (with no harsh chemicals) to was Legos:



Baking soda

1/2 cup measuring cup

Kettle or large measuring pitcher

Dish soap

Mesh laundry bag (optional)



1. Fill kitchen sink with about 1/4 of hot water.

2. Dump or drop in pee soaked Legos.

3. Add in 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup vinegar and some drops of dish soap. Mix together.

4. Heat up water in kettle or large measuring pitcher and pour in sink. Remember water will be hot. Mix.

5. Wait about an hour and scoop the Legos and place on absorbent cloth, towel or stainer to dry.

6. Drain sink

7. Clean sink (optional).

Last but not least, lecture your children for the millionth time or threaten to take away their Legos like the mom in the new Lego 2 movie.

A last little tip; if you have a mischievous cat then I would recommend covering your Legos (if not already contained) with a kitchen towel. Or if your cat is like ours, he still found the covered Legos on the counter and knocked them all into the floor. So yea, there’s always that.

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