If the military base you are stationed at can not handle your treatment or care,  military insurance will referre you to a civilian provider. However, what happens if there isn’t a close civilian provider? Well,  you still have to go to the doctor right? You drive. You get your happy little butt and the little butts of any patients in the car and drive. So that is what we did today. We drove 1.5 hours one way for a 30min medical appointment.

Our civilian readers may be vomiting reading that last sentence. 3 hours of driving for medical? Well,  grab your barf bags… While stationed at our first base I drove 3 hours one way for a 30min appointment. How do you feel now about your medical care?

“You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit” is usually the phrase I spout off to our spawn when they complain about dinner. However, it works in this case too. We are lucky to have employment (which is even questionable),  medical and more provided by the military. Things are not always ideal, but we have them. I care more about having medical care for my children,  than no care at all.

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