What Do You Do With Your Dodo?

Most likely going back to the stone age where instead of toilet paper it was foilage, there has long been the debate of “over or under?”. Every household has it and every marriage probably suffered from it at some point. Then kids come into the picture. You teach them right from wrong, morals and… over or under. But you never really stop and think what a massively important lesson you are teaching your children. Will it not only land them on the side of your argument, over is better, it will also set them up for a life teaching others over is better. The cycle continues and soon the world is rid of all those “under” people. Well at least in my theory of world domination. However, there is another debate that goes on in our home. The debate of what you do with your dodo.

I will say it is not as theologically important as over vs. under, but it is more hygienically important. Let’s start off by asking how often do you clean your toilets? Once a week? Once a month? Don’t own a toilet brush? Well luckily for us I believe that having children also issued us some amazing little maids. Teach them young is my motto. The kids were sorting silverware by two (great way to teach categorizing like objects) and cleaning bathrooms by five (with adult supervision). I deem them family responsibilities and picking up mommy’s slack.

However, you want to term it, you can have help when it comes to cleaning the most disgusting room of your home. But what happens when there is a unforeseen accident? You know what I’m talking about. A little accident where Jimmy or Johnny puts a toy down the pipes, or potty-training Polly uses to much toilet paper. Suddenly, your bathroom is now looking more like that fabulous pool you wanted, except with no filter. Polly’s potting-training antics are now floating around the rim of the toilet and splattered onto the floor. You gag at the sight and smell and try not to scream. Start those yoga breathing techniques and remember that bottle of chilled tequila in the fridge is just waiting for you. Grab the plunger like a boss, and charge in.

While cleaning up the mess you starting thinking about what went wrong. You told her only a few square of paper should do it. However, that was for a um, less messy situation. Even as adults we don’t stick to the square rule when it comes to situation dodo. That requires a bit more assistance from that over roll. Which is how little Polly ended up with problematic poop.

The solution is apparent and so easy, it’s why you didn’t even think of it; it’s habit. Nevertheless, you forgot to share that one little tip with Polly that would have saved your current situation. The solution? Flush, wipe, Repeat. In our household we taught this tip along with over/under. Think of it like this- You fill a cup with water and then put in the ice. The extra ingredient displaces the water and the cup overflows. Now add some fruit pieces to our water (got to be healthy with that infused water) and add ice. Not only does water spill onto the floor, so does pieces of fruit. Hopefully, that analogy helps get ride of the dodo image in your head for now. Teach little Polly potty pointers from the start. If you fail to relay that little tid bit of information you are most likely going to end up with a man-made cork in the bottom of your toilet. No amount of tequila will help with that image or cleanup.


14 Replies to “How Do You Do Dodo?”

  1. Yes! Over, definitely!! I was rolling on the floor during this whole post. I completely agree with teaching the kids as much as you can as early as you can. Thanks for the laugh (and the unfortunate images now in my head!).

  2. I totally agree. Over is the only way to go. (who are these under people anyway??) I haven’t ever thought to teach my children about the wipe flush repeat. It’s going to be the topic of conversation at dinner tonight. Ok, maybe after dinner. Thanks for a laugh.

  3. Just thankful for the most part we are past the potty training stage. Therefore, my kids are seemingly housebroken and know some basic rules for this. But still never say never I suppose. So just better to make sure though to teach this lesson early, as well as reinforce often. Thanks for the reminder 😉

  4. Luckily haven’t had any instances of foreign objects flushed down the toilet just yet. But, my two-year-old is very sneaky.

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