The other night I dvred and finally got to watch the 50th anniversary of the Sound of Music. I love that movie. Hubs does not. So I watched the special during the day feeling like a addict trying to hide their addiction. During that same time I decided to go full out on my nerdyness and played with my washi tape and other office supplies. I geeked out for a good hour or two. In the end I decide that I had to0 much washi and after buying about 10 rolls the day before, decided I needed to share my passion, obsession and hording issues with others. In the end I opened up my own Etsy shop. I am not sure what else will be added to the shop besides washi samples and whole rolls, but I suggest you get your butt over there and check it out.

As for my Jamberry Nails…They are doing awesome; amazing actually. Since I spent all day yesterday geeking out with my planner supplies, I was using my nails to dig at the tape to pull off samples. I did this over and over and over (see why at my Etsy shop!). My nails? Still in tact with no issues of chipping, fraying or breaking. Watch my update video about my nails and see for yourself. I don’t want to forget to mention that I am now a Jamberry consultant. Yup, I love them that much that I jumped on the bandwagon and now are selling them. I really encourage everyone to head over to my Jamberry Nail page and take a look, ask some questions, book a party or order. Seriously folks, if I can give myself a salon quality manicure at home in the middle of chaos, you can too.

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