I see you eyeballin’ my blog. I know you lust over how sexy my header is. The layout alone makes you drool. I know you notice the semi blurry bio photo. Yup, I just pointed out one of my own mistakes (I’m working on getting a better one!). However, what if you are planning out a new blog with a new fantablous never done before idea and plan to pitch it to companies for product reviews or followers. You need to look at your blog just like a store front. Here is a tip to get help with a new blog. What is the first impression your landing page makes?

The issue I ran into was I had been looking at my blog for so long, I didn’t notice small little things companies and potential followers will. I like to call it content blindness.

I had broken links, “follow me” where it was actually a “share” and so many more I started a list on my phone to keep track of all the to do’s I needed to fix. Not to mention, I forgot to check my site on a mobile layout and needed to make a whole new to do list. My eyes were crossed and tired from staring at the computer screen for so long. The longer you look at a screen, the more frustrated you are going to be and more worried that you missed a small, but important piece. Mine and your solution? Stop looking and have a professional help.

I thought as a previous and current blogger,  my site was crisp and fresh ready for public view. Then I got a little constructive criticism and saw my assumption was way off!  I realized maybe getting outside help would be valuable and in stepped Tiffany Haywood with Tiffany Haywood Blog and Brand Consultations.  One of the pro’s of working with a pro is that she is a seasoned blogger herself at The Mrs Tee. She has been on both sides of the screen as a blogger herself and now also a blog and brand consultant.

Damn I am blind. Within 30 minutes of just looking at the front page of my blog she found broken links, that blurry bio photo (I promise I’m going to change it!) and numerous other critiques which helped me tweak my blog and get it actually to the crisp and fresh site I thought I had before.  Therefore, before you go stepping out and showing your butt to the blogging world, readers, potential ad sponsors and more; you first need to make sure what they see when viewing your blog is tied up with a nice pretty little bow with Tiffany’s help, experience and SPECIAL OFFER on her “30 Minute First Impressions Site Critique“. Yuppers! Like how I snuck that little present in there for my readers? I want you all to be as successful as you can and there is nothing better than having access to professionals and a great woman.


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