My eyes are burning because I am so tired. Or maybe it’s because I’m laying in my bed in the dark listening to Hubs snore and writing this. But I can’t sleep because my mind is racing with all the possibilities that can come out of tomorrows iep meeting for Bug.

At our last meeting, they vomited his praises all over me. They layered on his good behavior like thick icing. I kept asking what child they were talking about. He amazed them all so much that they reduced his resource time from 5 days a week to 1. I felt it was too drastic but was assured it could always be changed. I left that meeting wondering who in the hell they were talking about and the possibility that they now thought I was crazy or making crap up. I tried to reassure them that was not the kid I knew and we hadn’t his his change mark.

Bug is sorta like the Hulk. At about six weeks he goes from a great student to not so great. So imagine me covering my “I told ya so look” at the parent teacher conference two weeks back. ” Mom, I see it now” his teacher said to me.

Yup, that was all I needed to hear. Yet, tomorrow is the iep requalification meeting. I’m hoping now since he is no longer “average” that he will keep us iep, get his resource time back and re qualify for ot.

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