Some hilarious Father’s Day cards vial picks on Flipboard app.


Happy Father’s Day to our dad followers, the single dads, the moms playing duel roles, the grandparents raising their grandchildren, the first time dads, the seasoned dads, the dads who cant be home with their families our husbands and our dads.

Our husbands are often met with challenges others do not face. They battle the challenge of acceptance. Acceptance that their children are special. Beyond special; they are amazing. The acceptance of a diagnosis is a personal challenge and struggle many dads will never have to face. Most dads have the idealistic dream that their children will be perfect and free of imperfections. It takes a strong and true man to accept what God has given him. My husband is amazing and treats our children with no soft hands or bends to the diagnosis. He treats and love them as his children. Plain and simple.

Personally my dad is amazing. But there is no shirt, keychain, card or mug that has the space or words to express the gratitude I have for him. He was the class chaperone on school field trips. He took me to sports practices, stood in rain, snow and sleet at my soccer games. He is the root of my electronics obsession. The cause of my curly hair I rebelled against for so long. I have his eyes and sarcastic sense of humor. But most importantly, I have him as my dad. He did all those things and more having been divorced from my mom when I was little. He didn’t live with us or even in the same city. But he made a point to not make distance break our relationship. Divorced dads often get a bad reputation of leaving their family behind- but I know mine is always behind me, supporting me and loving me.

Not to be forgotten is my mom. For so many years we lived together and she was there for me always. Even now I call her for advice and comfort.

Living in paradise does have it la draw backs. A phone call home isn’t as effective as a hug in person. But until we get home – Happy Father’s Day

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