Due to Bugs delicate medical condition I try to keep a very sanitized home. It is important to me that we all live in a germ free environment; or as close to living in a bubble as we can. Even if one of us gets sick we can give it to Bug and him contacting even a cold can mean some grave possibilities. Luckily, Bug does receive live sustaining treatments that helps fight off a common cold. Nevertheless, if I can prevent us from getting sick it’s in everyone’s best interest. So I introduce to you my favorite steam mop – the Haan Stream Mop.

It is corded, however it is a long cord. I has a tank on the back that accommodates standard tap water. Even says so in the manual. I know with my last steam mop it specifically required distilled water. Which I never used and eventually the tubing blew and hot steaming water came spewing out at me. Luckily my kids were in bed at that point so I averted a positively potential catastrophe. After plugging it
in and pressing the button it warms up in about 20 seconds and starts producing steam and you are ready to go.

The Haan is pretty plain and simple to use. There isn’t much more to explain. It has saved me a lot of time and makes me more productive because I don’t have to worry over the quality of work it puts out.

It comes with two mop pads and a rubber mat that you use to set and store the steam mop on.


2 Replies to “Hands Down – Best Steam Mop”

    1. It was a steal! Originally $130, I had a gift card which lowered it some, it was on sale for $90 and THEN at the store I realized its online price was lower than in store; so I stood in the store and ordered it for pick up because they refused to price match themselves. So I paid $30!

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