I totally jumped on the e book band wagon when they first came out. I had the original Nook, then upgraded to the Nook Color and late last year I jumped over and crossed the line and got a simple Kindle. I lovey Kindle and with all this talk about Barnes and Noble doing poorly and possibly going under I was so glad I switched. But with switching I lost all those books I had purchased through Barnes and Noble. One day I’ll set out to see how to convert and switch them over. But for now they lay collecting virtual dust on a virtual bookshelf.

Like all things I do, I try and look for inexpensive solutions. I mostly bought all my pervious e books with gift cards, so I never felt guilty about spending $10 on a book. So off I went to e book boards and forums to find a cheaper solution to my reading habit, which after kids has turned more into a reading dream when I actually find time to read. I can read a book in insert a day and now it take a month. Totally cramping my style!

So far I have found two good solutions. One is your local library. If you didn’t know already most libraries have a e book section. With ours you can even go online at home and put yourself on a waitlist like a normal tangible book can have or have it sent directly to you e reader if its already available. What’s like about this is there are some library’s with a amazing selection of books where you don’t have to be a resident to hold a library card with them. Instead you can pay a yearly fee and receive a library card to use. The one I was recommend and use is the Library of Philadelphia. For $35 a year you can be a card carrying member of their library and check out e books as often as you read them. As a added bonus, if you are a military or veteran you can obtain a card for free.

The second is seeking out free or nearly free books. They are not always the hot best sellers of today and usually they are some self published authors but you can discover some great new books.

My favorite right now is the Kindle Book Boards. What I like most about them is they also have a Facebook page. Every morning they update their Facebook page with all their new free and nearly free Kindle book downloads. The downloads are normally available for a limited amount of time, so jump on the deals while they are still there.

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