It was about… 6am when I started to write this. I slept for about 2 hours total last night and was fiddling around on my phone this morning to keep myself from going back to sleep. I’m was so paranoid to close my eye’s and sleep at that point because I didn’t want the nightmares to come back. The dreams were all too real and my children were hurt; a true mother’s nightmare. I awoke, twice, with tears in the corners of my eyes. I love my babies so much that even when they are hurt in my dreams, it feels so real. I cried for them.

I usually cuddle up to Hubs until the intoxicated feeling of the dream wears off and I am sober again to close my eyes. However, this time Hubs was gone on a mission and I was forced to keep my eyes open and suffed the drunken effects of lack of sleep combined with horrific realistic dreams. On top of the painfully real events in my dreams from last night, I dream in color. Blood was that of a Snow White’s red lips and even as I find time to write this later, I still picture the scenes from last night too vividly. The only cure will be that of the warmth of my babies as I snuggle up to them tonight in their beds.

You are never too old for nightmares and seeking reassurance from those you trust your heart with the most.


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