We have a early riser. I mean, extremely, early riser. Hubs gets up for works at 530am and she is already up and in Bugs room playing. She is much like her father. Once she is up, she is up. Which is great for a girl. Later in life she will be able to get up, get going and get ready. But at three years old, it’s not helpful. It’s a hindrance. Why? Because Bug is much like me.

I like sleep. I love sleep. I like naps on rainy days, naps listening to baseball games on tv on a Sunday afternoon, naps during the week, naps on the weekend- you get the point. I also like to sleep in. But due to that pesky internal alarm clock, sleeping in ends at about 630. Then there is Bug.

Bug is like his mama. He likes sleep. He started sleeping through the night at a week old. I’m talking 7pm to 8am. And he is grumpy when he doesn’t get his beauty rest. Hubs knows never to actually wake us- or he sends in a kid to do the dirty work. Because the repercussions are bad.

So here is the situation- Diva wakes up at 530am, goes into Bugs room and plays. Most mornings she plays quietly a game of team party or house. All the while Bug is unaware and asleep. But too often I find them at 630 in a heated game of Candyland Diva had woken him up and they have been up for a hour. Which youd think they we ready to get the day started. But I tell them to get dressed and Bug goes back to bed!

I have talked with Diva several times, put up a gate in front of her door (but then she can’t use the restroom at night) and nothing works.

I saw this flash deal on a site I love and decided to pick this up and try it. It’s called a Kids’ Sleep. Made by Live, Love, Dream. It’s suppose to alert a child when it is ok to get out of bed and provide a night light as well. I should get it this week and after use ill write a review on how well it has worked. But thought I’d prepare you for what is to come. For me- I hope it’s sleep for us.


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  1. even as a child you slept a lot. you were much like bug…….going to sleep about 7 p.m. and waking at about 8 a.m. i even chose to put you in p.m. kindergarten so you could sleep late. diva is like her grammy. i’m up and at it early also. if you lived closer i’d come get her for a trip to ihop.

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