From the start I have never done store bought food, invitations or party favors for my kids birthday parties (well most of the time). So I have a few favorites I have found kids and adults alike love and wanted to share some easy and crowd pleasing party food. What I love is you can adapt it to any theme!

First up is the mess-free Marshmallow Pops. The kids loved these and so did I. No sticky hands to clean up! Simply slide a marshmallow onto a sucker stick (I got mine at Pricebusters). Next, I dipped the marshmallow quickly into a bowl of cold water. Lastly, I rolled the marshmellow around in a bowl of sprinkles. And BAM! marshmellow pops picmonkey

Next up we have Jello clouds and rainbows. My daughter was having a Rainbow Dash birthday party and we had to have rainbows. I saw this while attending vacation bible school and changed it up a bit by adding the rainbow. I found blue jello cups, premade, at the store (you can always do home made with clear cups and make your own Jello). Next, I added whipped cream to the top and lastly I was able to find sour rainbows at Pricebusters as well (make sure you keep them refrigerated until right before serving or the whipped cream will melt). And BAM!

jello clouds and rainbows picmonkey

The Last treat I have to share with you are the pony wands. These are the ones that go the fastest and are the easiest to make. We use pretzel sticks, dipped in icing and then rolled in sprinkles. Thats it folks. Super easy! The salty and sweet mix is always the party favorite.

pony wand picmonkey

Hope this helps make your party preparations easier. With three small kids and a husband that isnt always home due to work, I love finding easy and crowd pleasing ways to liven up the party.

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  1. The rainbows are adorable! I would eat about 10 of those pretzels, though! They’ve got my name written all over them! 🙂 <3 you!

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