You know those nights when you just can’t come up with a great dinner idea?   In our house the solution to this problem is often breakfast for dinner, or brinner, as we like to call it 🙂

One of my favorite brinner menus, or breakfast too for that matter, is french toast.  This is a great, simple recipe I got from my mom and it is a goodie.

Start with some yummy bread.  In our house, we usually eat wheat/ multi-grain bread for sandwiches, etc…but I find the best bread for french toast  is good, old-fashioned white bread ( or a loaf of fresh french bread from the bakery if you can get it!)  This time we used Texas Toast and it worked great.


Here are the other ingredients you’ll need:

-bread (I find white, soft bread works best)





-vegetable oil

-any breakfast sides you desire (bacon, sausage, more eggs, fruit, etc…)


This is a great recipe because you can modify the amount you make to fit the size of your crowd fairly easily.  For our family of four, I start with three eggs, a splash of vanilla, 1/8 c. of milk, and a  generous sprinkling of cinnamon on top to make about 6 slices of french toast.


Mix all the ingredients with a whisk; I like to use a pie pan because it’s the right depth.  Then, place slices of bread in the mix giving them time to soak on each side.


Place soaked bread in a heated (medium heat works best) skillet coated with vegetable oil.  You may have to add more oil in between panfuls if you noticed it getting dry.  You don’t want the french toast to stick.


Cook both sides of toast until golden brown and transfer to a plate.  I usually try to butter them while they are warm.  Serve with warm syrup, fruit, whatever sides you desire.  So good!


*Another bonus?  If you make too much, they can be frozen in ziploc bags.  On a busy morning, just pop them in the toaster and you get homemade french toast in a jiffy 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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