Hot day after a 6 miles hike with three small children. We used bribery to make sure we didn’t eat our young. And honestly I was jonesin for a sugar carb loaded ice cold dreamcicle. So after a 30 minute wait outside Matsumoto’s standing on a busy street; I could finally feel the ice cream and ice concoction running down my throat. It was amazing and well worth the wait, the crazy cars that were whizzing past us trying to dodge the tourist and our kids.

For me, I enjoyed a small with vanilla and strawberry with condensed milk on top and ice cream on the bottom. You must, I REPEAT must, spend the $.30 extra cents for holder. You and your clothes will thank me for that tip.

So when on island, do as the locals do; visit Matsumoto’s Shaved Ice up on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

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