I know during the holiday season we all have traditions we follow. Ones that are years old and new ones started. One that my family carries on in tradition is the Christmas cookie. Not only, baking the sugar cookies from a 20 year old recipe, but the more important tradition is the decorating. We would spend hours icing and applying decorations to dozens and dozens of sugar cookies. Just like we use the 20 year old recipe; we also use the same icing recipe. It’s so simple it’s stupid. However, it comes with a warning- my kids hate it!

Holly, our elf on the shelf, used the same frosting recipe on some store bought slice and bake (don’t judge “she” had a really bad cold). The kids took one bite and spit it in the trash can. But I honesty believe that it was the cookie, not the icing, that was the cause. Also, remember my kids have ASD and they are not used to home made; rather Pillsbury pre-made nastyess.

So for your trial and error; here is our 20 year old icing recipe:

Powdered sugar

Mix until peanut butter or toothpaste consistency. Then add food coloring to make desired colors.

Yea, it’s that easy. No super secret ingredient. No elusive ingredient. Just pure sugar rush on a cookie.

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